LCHS Students Earn Over $1 Million in Scholarships

U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie congratulates Anthony Adkins on his appointment to West Point Military Academy. Adkins was also named LCHS Outstanding Senior of the Year.
U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie congratulates Anthony Adkins on his appointment to West Point Military Academy. Adkins was also named LCHS Outstanding Senior of the Year.

By Ron Benningfield

LaRue County High School’s Class of 2019 earned well over $1 million in scholarships announced during Senior Awards Night held May 8 in the high school gym, according to Clarissa Thomas, guidance counselor.

During the ceremony, students were recognized for enlisting in the military, earning local and college scholarships, passing college and career exams, and attaining other accomplishments.

“We have an amazing community who is very supportive of our seniors,” Thomas said. “Many scholarships are donated by local organizations and families.”

She mentioned three scholarships added this year: Parkway Baptist had two, the Mary Jane Stillwell Memorial Scholarship and the Parkway Baptist Scholarship. Cynthia Bird also created a new scholarship to honor her mother, Mary Catherine Washer Bird.

Scholarships, Awards, and Recognitions:

LaRue County High School Outstanding Senior--Anthony Adkins.

U.S. Military Academy, West Point--Anthony Adkins; Semper Fidelis Music Award-- Marianne Lamoreaux and Simon Cromwell; U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award--Clair Keller and Anthony Adkins; U.S. Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award--Abigail Hazelwood and Brady McDowell;

Military Recognition, United States Marine Corps--Zach Absher, Valentin Campos, Preston Carter, Tristan Davis, Caleb Majors, and Damien Williams; United States Navy--Trinity Perkins and Logan Rock; United States Air Force--Jeet Patel;

Ray Graham Memorial Scholarship--Kristen Boone; Matthias Hanson Memorial Scholarship--Malerie Skaggs; Berea College--Mikala Baca and Deanna Carr; Campbellsville University--Alejandra Hernandez, Malerie Skaggs, Jake Walters, and Shyanna Young;

Eastern Kentucky University--Allison Bauer, Sarah Cooper, Simon Cromwell, Hunter Howell, Kelsey Key, Trinity Perkins, and Bailey Rogers; Elizabethtown Community and Technical College--Emma Bell, Lily Constant, Taylor Newton, and Parker Smith; Kentucky Wesleyan College--Andrew Heady; Lindsey Wilson College--Chase Baker, Timothy Compton, David Compton, Krysten French, Angel Greigo, Elyssa Hawkins, Guinevere Mont-Eton, Haley Scott, and Haley Stuckey;

Midway University--Sarah Jo Calhoun; Morehead State University--Alexandra Shelton;

Murray State University--Dailliss Cox; Northern Kentucky University--Daisy Graham; Savannah College of Art and Design--Bridget Southwood; University of the Cumberlands--Noah Davis; University of Kentucky--Clay Cecil; University of Louisville--James Akin, Abigail Hazelwood, and Quentin Sweeney; Western Kentucky University--Jasmine Benningfield and Kristen Boone;

William Penn University--Clair Keller; Dianne “Subbie” Ida Memorial Scholarship-- Clay Cecil and Abigail Hazelwood; Jamie Curle Memorial Scholarship--Malerie Skaggs; Mary Jane Stillwell Memorial Scholarship--Abigail Hazelwood; Parkway Baptist Scholarship--Malerie Skaggs; Mary Catherine Washer Bird Memorial Scholarship--Abigail Hazelwood; Bluegrass Cellular Scholarship--Emma Bell and Sarah Cooper; CKCF Scholarships--Emma Bell, Lily Constant, Kellee Cundiff, Taylor Newton, and Parker Smith;

National FFA Scholarship--Jasmine Benningfield; Cumberland Family Medical Scholarship--Abigail Hazelwood; LaRue County Conservation District Scholarship--Dillon Carroll; Gerald T. McCubbin Memorial Scholarship--Emma Bell; Lincoln Days’ Scholarship--Malerie Skaggs; Lincoln Museum Scholarship-- Emma Bell and Abigail Hazelwood; Hodgenville Rotary Club James D. LaRue, Jr. Scholarship--Elyssa Hawkins;

Nolin RECC Scholarship--Jasmine Benningfield; Hodgenville Woman’s Club Scholarship--Sarah Cooper; Robert E. “Bobby” Thomas Memorial Scholarship--Kayla McCoy;

LaRue County Education Association--Chase Baker and Elyssa Hawkins; LaRue County Cattlemen’s Beef Association Scholarship--Jasmine Benningfield and Bailey Rogers; LaRue County Pork Producers Scholarship--Bailey Rogers; Hart County Farm Bureau Scholarship--Jasmine Benningfield; LaRue County Farm Bureau Scholarship--Chase Baker and Parker Smith;

Kentucky Association of Agricultural Education--Jasmine Benningfield; American Red Cross Scholarship--Jasmine Benningfield; Cantrell Lorey Scholarship--Emma Bell; LaRue County Board of Education First Degree Scholarship--Alexandra Shelton and Rylee Greenwell;

Hardin Memorial Auxiliary Scholarship--Emma Bell, Sarah Jo Calhoun, Kayla McCoy, and Malerie Skaggs; Distinguished Young Woman--Elyssa Hawkins and Malerie Skaggs;

Campbellsville Cosmetology Awards--Chloe Sandidge, Nancy Fernandez, Kaitlyn Knight, and Kelley Wissing;

State-Registered Nurses’ Aides— Brayden Beeler, Emma Bell, Sarah Jo Calhoun, Joni Druen, Kelsey Key, Kayla McCoy, Taylor Newton, Bailey Rogers, Lindsey Rucker, Alexandra Shelton, Malerie Skaggs, Neveah Small, and Kristen Williams;

Athletic Achievement Awards-- Allison Bauer, Anthony Adkins, Bailey Rogers, Chase Baker, Clair Keller, Clay Cecil, Daisy Graham, David Compton, Emma Bell, Guin Mont-Eton, Haley Scott, Hunter Howell, Jeet Patel, Jordan McClure, Katey Cook, Kellee Cundiff, Kelsey Key, Kristen Boone, Kristen Williams, Lauren Pollard, Malerie Skaggs, and Meredith Glenn;

Kentucky Class 2A Championship Scholarship--Chase Baker; Leadership LaRue Scholarship--Jasmine Benningfield and Bailey Rogers; Yearbook Awards--Anthony Adkins, Emma Bell, Kellee Cundiff, Krysten French, Meredith Glenn, Hannah Locke, Alisha Magill, Jordan McClure, Taylor Newton, and Laura Ward;

LCHS Youth Volunteer Service Award--Jasmine Benningfield and Bailey Rogers;

Teens Leading Kids Certificates--Chase Baker, Noah Davis, Elyssa Hawkins, Abigail Hazelwood, Maddie Helm, Taylor Newton, Bailey Rogers, Chloe Sandidge, and Malerie Skaggs; Governor’s Scholar--Abigail Hazelwood; Perfect Attendance--Allison Bauer, Khushali Patel, and Lyndsey Plouvier;

KOSSA and Career Majors--Zach Absher, Allison Bauer, Brayden Beeler, Brenton Beeler, Emma Bell, Jasmine Benningfield, Cody Burd, Austin Burgess, Deanna Carr, Dillion Carroll, Lilly Constant, Katelynn Cook; Sarah Cooper, Kellee Cundiff, Emma Grace Devers, Taylor Evans, Camren Frisby, Daisy Graham, Presley Grant, Andrew Heady, Noah Hornback, Kristina Jackson; Clair Keller, Kaitlyn Knight, Gabe Lafollette, Jonathan Lafollette, Noah Lawler, Hannah Locke, Jordan McClure, Brady McDowell, Taylor Newton, Clay Nugent, Trinity Perkins, Jacquelyn Rigdon, Logan Rock, Bailey Rogers, Adrian Rojas, Chloe Sandidge, Haley Scott, Katherine Shelton, Malerie Skaggs, Quenton Sweeney, Hayden Waddle, Casey Walls, Jacob Walters, Damien Williams, Sydney Wilson, and Shyana Young.

College and Career Ready-- Abby Cundiff, Abigail Hazelwood, Aden Kruggel, Adrian Rojas, Alisha Magill, Allison Bauer, Angelica Greigo, Anthony Adkins, Anthony Brown, Bailey Rogers, Brady McDowell, Brayden Beeler, Bridget Southwood, Caleb Majors, Casey Walls, Cassidy Highbaugh, Chase Baker, Claire Keller, Clayton Cecil, Cody Burd, Cristobal Lara, Daillis Cox, Daisy Graham, Damien Williams, David Compton, Deanna Carr, Dillon Carroll, Elizabeth Crewz, Elyssa Hawkins, Emma Bell; Emma Grace Devers, Gabriel Lafollette, Giselle Martinez;

Guinevere Mont-Eton, Holden Madriaga, Hunter Howell, Jacob Cundiff, Jacob Pellegrino, Jacob Walters, Jacquelyn Rigdon, James Akin, James Worthington, Jasmine Benningfield, Jeet Patel, Jonathan Lafollette, Joni Druen, Jordan McClure, Kaitlin Hack, Katelynn Cook, Katherine Shelton, Kayla Aubrey, Kayla McCoy, Keaton Puckett, Kellee Cundiff, Kelsey Key, Khushali Patel, Kodee Brinegar, Kristen Boone, Kristen Williams, Kristina Jackson, Krysten French, Kylee Thurman, Lauren Pollard, Lily Constant, Lindsey Whitlock, Logan Rock, Lyndsey Plouvier, Maddie Helm, Malerie Skaggs, Marianne Lamoreaux, Mikala Baca, Morgan Jaggers, Nathaniel Lackey;

Noah Davis, Noah Lawler, Parker Smith, Patryk Cobb, Preston Carter, Quentin Sweeney, Rachel Thompson, Russell Young, Rylee Greenwell, Sarah Cooper, Sarah Hatfield, Sarah Jo Calhoun, Shyana Young, Simon Cromwell, Sydney Wilson, Tavias Washington, Taylor Evans, Taylor Newton, Timothy Reip, Trinity Perkins, Tyler Puckett, Valentin Campos, Victor Burton, and Zach Absher.

Students Playing College Sports—Sarah Jo Calhoun: Midway-softball; Noah Davis: University of the Cumberlands-baseball; Clair Keller: William Penn-cross country and track; Dailliss Cox: Murray-football; Anthony Adkins: Army-football; Chase Baker: Lindsey Wilson-football; Shyanna Young: Campbellsville-track.

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