Certified Evaluations

Last Updated: 8/11/2020 1:16 AM

Certified Evaluation Plan

Certified Evaluation Plan for 20-21

Teacher & Other Professional Forms

Modified CEP Timeline for Teachers and Other Professionals (NEW for 20-21)

Self-Reflections & Professional Growth Plan

Guidance Counselor
Library Media Specialist
Therapeutic Specialist
Professional Growth Plan for Teachers & Other Professionals (NEW for 20-21)

Observation Forms


Supervisor Observation & Summative Forms

Teacher--1 Year Cycle                                 Teacher--3 Year Cycle
Guidance Counselor--1 Year Cycle             Guidance Counselor--3 Year Cycle
Library Media Specialist--1 Year Cycle        Library Media Specialist--3 Year Cycle
Therapeutic Specialist--1 Year Cycle          Therapeutic Specialist--3 Year Cycle

Administrator Forms & Resources 

Group 1 District Certified Staff Standards Guide (NEW for 20-21)
Group 2 District Certified Staff Standards Guide
Modified CEP Timeline for Principals (NEW for 20-21)
Modified CEP Timeline for District Certified Staff (NEW for 20-21)

Self-Reflections & Goal-Setting Forms

Self-Reflection for Principals and Group 1 District Certified Staff (NEW for 20-21)
Self-Reflection for Group 2 District Certified Staff (NEW for 20-21)
Self-Reflection for School Psychologist 
Professional Growth Plan for Principals & District Certified Staff (NEW for 20-21)
Working Conditions Goal for Principals
Student Growth Goal for Principals and District Certified Staff 

Site Visit & Summative Forms

Site Visit & Summative Form for Principal Standards (NEW for 20-21)
Site Visit & Summative Form for Superintendent Standards
Site Visit & Summative Form for School Psychologist (NEW for 20-21)

Other Forms and Resources (Updated for 20-21)

Appeal Form
Teacher & Other Professional Orientation Powerpoint
Teacher & Other Professional Timeline 
Administrator Orientation Powerpoint 
Administrator Timeline
Kentucky Department of Education Evaluation Supports