Wee Time/KHIC 2018-19                  

Sponsored by HES & ALES Family Resource Centers”                

WHERE:   Hodgenville and Abraham Lincoln Elementary Schools  

TIME:   9:00-10:30 a.m. on Wednesday’s


STARTING September 19th, Kindergarten Here I Come (KHIC) will be offered for those children who will be starting school the 2019-20 school year.  The time is 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.  This program is an extended learning time to focus on kindergarten readiness skills. 


Hodgenville Elementary and Abraham Lincoln Elementary Family Resource Centers cordially invite preschool children ages 2-4 and their parents to join us weekly for “Wee Time/KHIC”. This parent/child time will be fun and very educational. This is a great time for preschool age children to become familiar with the school that he or she will be attending.  All activities are developmentally appropriate.


MARK YOUR calendar for the following dates:

Date                                                                      Color                                                                 Where

August 15th                                                                -red                                                                   HES

August 22nd                                                         -purple                                                             ALES

August 29th                                                           -green                                                                HES

September 5th                                                   -brown                                                              ALES

September 19th * (KHIC begins)                    -orange                                                             HES

September 26th                                                   -pink                                                                 ALES

October 10th                                                        -brown                                                              HES

October 17th                                                        -yellow                                                              ALES

October 24th                                                      -orange                                                              HES

October 31st                                                         -black                                                                  ALES

November 7th                                                       -blue                                                                   HES

November 14th                                                   -brown                                                               ALES

November 28th                                                  -black                                                                   HES

December 5th                                                       -white                                                                 ALES

December 12th                                                     -green                                                                 HES

December 19th                                                     -red                                                                     ALES

January 9th                                                            -white                                                                HES

January 16th                                                          -purple                                                               ALES

January 23rd                                                      -pink                                                                     HES

January 30th                                                          -yellow                                                               ALES

February 6th                                                          -red                                                                     HES

February 13th                                                       -white                                                                 ALES

February 20th                                                       -pink                                                                    HES

February 27th                                                       -purple                                                               ALES

March 6th                                                               -black                                                                  HES

March 13th                                                            -blue                                                                   ALES

March 20th                                                            -yellow                                                               HES

March 27th                                                            -blue                                                                   ALES

April 10th                                                                -orange                                                              HES

April 17th                                                                -green                                                                ALES

April 24th                                                                -blue                                                                   HES

May 1st                                                                 -yellow                                                                ALES


If you have any questions, please contact Family Resource Coordinators

Melissa Pearman (270-358-3506) or Machelle Durham (270-358-4112)