LaRue Branding Materials

LaRue County Schools stands out as a district that accomplishes superior academic results while enriching students’ lives and upholding a commitment to good stewardship of public funds. The achievements of our students, teachers and the district as a whole are earning recognition throughout Kentucky. As a major employer and a catalyst for preparing area youth for college and career, LaRue County Schools promotes long-term quality of life and provides value to every resident within the district.
Our brand serves to support LaRue County Schools’ dedication to:
• Achieving academic success;
• Helping students reach their full potential; and
• Providing value to the community.
The purpose of this guide is to protect the integrity of our brand and the mission of LaRue County Schools, while ensuring consistency in all district communications.

Branding Guidelines  *Will Require District Teacher or Staff Login using school email address and password. 

Master Logos
     Master Logo EPS
     Master Logo JPG
     Master Logo PNG

Stand Alone Logos
     Stand Alone Black EPS
     Stand Alone Black JPG
     Stand Alone Color EPS
     Stand Alone Color JPG
    Stand Alone Color PNG
    Stand Alone White EPS

Horizontal Logos
     Horizontal Black EPS
     Horizontal Black JPG
     Horizontal Black PNG
     Horizontal Color EPS
     Horizontal Color JPG
     Horizontal Color PNG
     Horizontal White EPS
     Horizontal White PNG

Alternative Logos
     Master Black EPS
     Master Black JPG
     Master Black PNG
     Master White EPS
     Master White PNG