Healthy Kids Clinic opening at each school

Nurse practitioner with child
Nurse practitioner with child

LaRue County Schools students soon will be able to receive a higher level of healthcare at school thanks to a new partnership between the district and Cumberland Family Medical Center.

Along with the existing school nurse program, each school will house Healthy Kids Clinic, where children may be seen by a family nurse practitioner. The family nurse practitioner will be available from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on a rotational basis at the district’s four schools to provide preventative services such as well-child exams and immunizations as well as acute care visits.

“The Healthy Kids Clinic will give our students and their parents one more option for student healthcare,” said Rip Collins, director of pupil personnel for LaRue County Schools. 

The partnership is an effort to provide more complete and prompt care, reduce time out of class for appointments and increase academic opportunity, school officials said.

“This partnership is exciting because it will help eliminate basic barriers for healthcare, such as missed work for parents, missed instructional time for students and transportation needs and costs for families,” Collins said.

When a child has a healthcare need such as fever or suspected illness, parents will be contacted and given the option of seeing the family nurse practitioner or coming to school and taking their child to their family healthcare provider. If a parent decides to allow the family nurse practitioner to see their child, Cumberland Family Medical Center will make arrangements for the Family Nurse Practitioner to visit during the school day. Parents are always welcomed to be present at the visit and will always get a report.

The Family Nurse Practitioner also will be available to complete school and sports physicals, immunizations and well child exams. If a parent elects for their child to see the family nurse practitioner, insurance will be billed through Cumberland Family Medical Center.

“The opportunity that Cumberland Family Medical Center and the Healthy Kids Clinic have provided this district is phenomenal,” said school board member Farrah Pruitt. “The district will benefit greatly, without costing the school any additional funds, and maintaining the fabulous nurses that we already have. We are achieving great things in the classroom; now we can ensure their health and wellness, too.” 

The school nurses will continue to provide day-to-day care such as administering daily prescribed medications, providing basic medication such as Tylenol, antacids and eye drops, bandaging cuts and scrapes and taking temperatures. Parents and guardians are not billed in any way for the day-to-day services of a school nurse.

Healthy Kids Clinic is expected to begin operating as early as April, Collins said. Additional information and registration forms will be sent home with all students.

For more information, contact Rip Collins at 270-348-4111, call the Healthy Kids Clinic team toll free at 844-435-0900, or check out the Healthy Kids Clinic webpage at

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