LCHS teacher visits James Madison’s Montpelier

LCHS teacher Kendrick Bryan Seminar in Montpelier
LCHS teacher Kendrick Bryan Seminar in Montpelier

Bryan attends Montpelier 1LCHS teacher visits James Madison’s Montpelier

Kentucky teachers Kendrick Bryan and Annabeth Edens visited James Madison’s Montpelier in Orange, Virginia for a seminar on March 10-12. Both teachers are participants in the McConnell Center’s Teacher Scholars Program. Bryan is a teacher at LaRue County High School and Edens teaches at Royal Springs Middle School in Scott County.

The seminar was taught by Michael Gerhadt and Russell Riley. Gerhardt is a constitutional law professor at the University of North Carolina and Riley works at the Miller Center at the University of Virginia as the co-chair of the Presidential Oral History Program. Both professors have also authored books about American government.

Montpelier served as the home of James and Dolley Madison. James Madison is considered the Father of the Constitution and the Architect of the Bill of Rights. Dolley Madison served as the First Lady of the United States during her husband’s terms as the country’s fourth President.

Seminar participants studied the presidency and the U.S. Constitution. The social studies teachers also toured Madison’s home and participated in a mock nomination process of a Supreme Court justice.

Bryan and Edens represented Kentucky at the seminar. Teachers from across the country applied, and accepted participants were from Kentucky, Virginia, California, Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina and New York.

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