School Board Appreciation Month

LaRue County Board of Education members
LaRue County Board of Education members

Pictured are LaRue County Schools Board of Education members Price Smith, Joanna Hinton, Farrah Pruitt and Dawn Conner. 

By Ron Benningfield

January is the month when school districts across Kentucky recognize the hard work school board members do and the dedication they show for their students.

“Our school board members are all committed to the betterment of our students and school system,” noted Sam Sanders, superintendent. “Having a high quality school board is one of the reasons LaRue County Schools is a top 10 school district.”

LaRue County’s board members were asked to express the good things that are happening in LaRue County Schools and things they would like to see accomplished in 2017.

Their responses follow:

Dawn Conner (Division One, four years on board)

Our children are achieving at the highest levels inside the classroom; we are a school district of distinction. Distinction in the dictionary means marked superiority! The teachers and administrators work hard to inspire our children and they are responding by exceeding our expectations!

The greatest accomplishment every year, and my hope, is that we provide the best education for every stu- dent to be successful in life!

Farrah Pruitt (Division Three, two years on board)

One of the greatest things to always talk about is the children of this district! Their desire to overcome obstacles while achieving greatness is the true definition of LaRue County Schools. Looking beyond main stream media and into the heart of the school, you will find well rounded students much like Jake Cecil, a National Merit Scholarship recipient; Symone Whalin, an active participant on the speech team and representing LaRue County with the Distinguished Young Women of Kentucky; and last but not least, Turner Cottrell, who even as a sophomore at Western Kentucky University continues to represent our district as a National Proficiency Finalist.

Numbers are a visual element that most gauge their achievement from. However, I choose to look beyond the numbers. I choose to look at the community of students, and it is there that you will find all kinds of good things happening in our schools. There are several things as a parent and a board member that I am excited to see come to fruition. However, my main goal is to see that the STEM program will become part of our district’s learning environment. This advanced program will provide a hands-on approach to learning in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. The program initiative can start as early as preschool and lead them throughout their high school career. The classroom environment will be nothing like we have already. It is an exciting opportunity for our students and their future. Stay tuned!

Price Smith (Division Four, 12 years on board)

The education that our students are receiving is top notch. Our teachers, faculty and staff are producing a quality product and this is evidenced by our recent test score results.

Things I would like to see accomplished in 2017 include: Maintain and/or exceed our current academic standings; Review and begin to implement the recommendations from our Local Planning Committee (facility plan); Every School designated as a “School of Distinction”; District once again recognized as a “District of Distinction.”

Joanna Hinton (Division Five, five years on board)

The best thing happening in the LaRue County Schools is that kids are learning. We have great teachers who are working every day to prepare our students for the future. One of the best things that the board of education gets to do each year is be a part of the ExCEL ceremony rec-ognizing our “Teacher of the Year.” Unfortunately, only one teacher can be selected each year because each finalist is truly inspirational. The enthusiasm that comes from these teachers moves down to our students and that is good for the entire community.

I look forward to 2017 being a year where we are able to focus on the many positive things happening in our schools. This community is so great about embracing our athletic teams but it is harder to embrace the entire education team which has consistently finished in a higher place in the state than most of our athletic teams have ever achieved. My hope is that we can all begin to celebrate our successes together. 

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