District Plans

Technology Plan 2018-2020
Special Ed. Plan
Bloodborn Pathogen Control Plan
LaRue County Facility Plan

18-19 Comprehensive District Improvement Plan

    18-19 Comprehensive District Improvement Plan 

17-18 Comprehensive School Improvement Plans

    Abraham Lincoln Elementary School with June 2018 implementation notes           
    Hodgenville Elementary School with June 2018 implementation notes                        
    LaRue Co Middle School with June 2018 implementation notes                                  
    LaRue Co High School with June 2018 implementation notes                                   


    2018-2019 Certified Evaluation Plan

Teacher & Other Professional Forms (ALL NEW for 18-19)
    Modified CEP Timeline for Teachers and Other Professionals 
Self-Reflections & Professional Growth Plan
    Guidance Counselor
    Library Media Specialist
    Therapeutic Specialist
    Professional Growth Plan for Teachers & Other Professionals
Observation Forms
    Supervisor Observation & Summative Forms
        Teacher--1 Year Cycle                               Teacher--3 Year Cycle
        Guidance Counselor--1 Year Cycle            Guidance Counselor--3 Year Cycle
        Library Media Specialist--1 Year Cycle       Library Media Specialist--3 Year Cycle
        Therapeutic Specialist--1 Year Cycle         Therapeutic Specialist--3 Year Cycle
Action Research Project Forms
    Action Research Project
    Action Research Project Tracking

Administrator Forms & Resources (ALL NEW for 18-19)
    Group 1 District Certified Staff Standards Guide
    Group 2 District Certified Staff Standards Guide
    Modified CEP Timeline for Principals 
    Modified CEP Timeline for District Certified Staff
 Self-Reflections & Goal-Setting Forms
    Self-Reflection for Principals and Group 1 District Certified Staff
    Self-Reflection for Group 2 District Certified Staff
    Self-Reflection for School Psychologist 
    Professional Growth Plan for Principals & District Certified Staff
    Working Conditions Goal for Principals
    Student Growth Goal for Principals and District Certified Staff
Site Visit & Summative Forms
    Site Visit & Summative Form for Principal Standards 
    Site Visit & Summative Form for Superintendent Standards
    Site Visit & Summative Form for School Psychologist
Appeal Form   Appeal Form

Support Materials
    Teacher & Other Professional Orientation Powerpoint
    Administration Orientation Powerpoint
    Teacher & Other Professional Timeline
    Kentucky Department of Education Evaluation Supports